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Why wax melts are better than candles- An ultimate guide

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Wax Melts

There are several factors that affect the burning time of candles and wax melts that include the size of wax melts or candle, how much fragrance oil is used and the type of wax used for candle or wax melts. All these factors can affect the normal burn time. Wax melts are more aromatic than candles as they absorb heat more gradually as compared to candles. Moreover, they release aroma without the fragrance evaporating faster. On the other hand, the opposite happens in the case of burning candles. In this guide, you will learn why wax melts are better than candles. Let’s get started!


Wax melts vs candles:

wax melts

Candle Pros:

Candles come with a warm glow that makes your home feel cosy.

They are easy to use and enjoy.

Their fragrances are noticeable.

You can place it on any flat surface.

They come with scented and unscented options.

They have great significance like you can use them for weddings or other special. events, during prayer or a lot in memory of your close ones.

You can make your own candle at home.


Candle Cons:

Their open flams can be dangerous and not sage for kids and furry friends.

You can’t leave it unattended when lit.

It has no practical use all day long

Its burn time can vary

The average cost of candles is more costly than wax melts

They release toxic chemicals.


Wax Melts Pros:

You can let the wax melts unattended.

They are flame free and have more burning time than candles.

They are cheaper than candles.

You can use them where the flame is not allowed, such as in an office.

With the right amount of wax you melt, you can control the amount of scent. 

They don’t create soot as candles do.

There are no matches needed for wax melts

They are not dangerous for the skin because wax doesn’t get too hot.


Wax Melts & Warmers Cons:

Wax can be hard to clean up if it is spilled.

It needs an electrical source that means it will not work if your electricity goes out.

As its burning time is slow, and if you lit them for a longer time, people may immune to the scents.

It requires special kinds of the bulb to melt the wax.

This comparison shows that wax melts are better than candles. Here’s why:


Wax Melts Are Cheaper Than Candles 

Wax melts are less expensive than candles due to their more fragrance oil, less waste, and burn time. You get up to 5 times more burn time per ounce with these wax melts than candles.


Wax Melts Are Flame-Free 

According to reports, over $374 million worth of property damage was recorded from 2009 to 2013. Candles come in various styles, and decorative candles are great, but their flame has a risk of catching fire by accident. Candles need a flame to lit up, whereas wax melts require power. If you have kids and furry babies in your home, you need to be more creative to find the safer place to lit up your favourite candle. However, wax melts require a wax warmer that contain a 15-watt bulb or warmer plate to melt the wax. This light bulb or warmer plate provides enough heat to warm these wax melts that release the scent in less than 5 minutes.

 wax melts

Soy Wax Melts Don’t Release Chemicals. 

Candles emit toxic chemicals and harmful pollutants, which can worsen allergies and asthma. These allergies and asthma have been linked to most life-threatening diseases like cancer. Some candles also release benzene and toluene that are hazardous chemicals. It can cause damage to the lungs, CNS (central nervous system) and brain. In conventional candles, paraffin is the key ingredient which is a slurry waste product from the petroleum industry. When candles are burned, they release fumes that are similar to the diesel engine’s fumes that can be as hazardous as cigarette smoke (second hand). On the other hand, soy wax melts don’t release carcinogenic chemicals.


Wax melts may have more burn time than candles.

Wax melts are preferred over candles because they have more burn time. Burn time mainly depends on the wax type, size of wax melts and amount of fragrance oil. If the net weight of your scented candle is 16-oz, then the expected burn time is around 60 to 84 hours. If you divide the maximum burn time, i.e. 84 hours, by the net weight, i.e. 16 oz. that breaks down to around 5 hours of burn time for one ounce. 

 Wax Melts

Wax melts don’t create soot.

Scented candles create soot and its effects in the air. They also cause discolouration of your curtain, furniture edges and walls over time. This soot exposure is also associated with various health concerns, including asthma, shortness of breath, bronchitis agitation and other respiratory issues. The soot becomes a catalyst for cancer, heart attack and stroke once it enters the bloodstream. However, wax melts don’t create soot and cause such health issues.



The scented wax melts are convenient, and you can use them anywhere. Moreover, a tea light candle or electric wax warmer can be used for melting wax melts. This makes them handy. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can snap off the desired amount of wax melt and use it to scent your room. Don’t use an entire block of wax melt in one go.


Aroma Intensity Control

Who doesn’t love the lovely scents, especially the scented wax melts? We bet you, no one. At Jessica Jane, we use the highest wax to scent ratio and don’t compromise on the quality of wax melts. Scented wax melts come with aroma intensity control means you can control over the scents of wax melts by breaking them into smaller bits.


Bottom Line:

Candles have been around for ages, but wax melts are also not new and offer great benefits. They are preferred over candles because they last longer than candles per ounce. That small scented wax melts bar provide more fragrance than conventional candles or scented candles. So which one do you like the most, candle or wax melts? Let us know in the comment box!  



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