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The Power of Candle Colors, Scents and Their Effects

Posted by Jessica Jane on

pastel coloured candles

The Power of Candle Colours, Scents and Their Effects

For several years, candles have been introduced more and more into our interior. After having abandoned them in favour of electric lamps, we reintegrate them into our home as decorative elements. They add that little extra touch to any room, give a relaxing or romantic atmosphere, and allow us to meditate, create a warm and friendly space, and diffuse a smell that we love. There is no to say; candles have a lot of strengths.

Candles now come in all shapes and colours imaginable. So you will always end up finding those that go perfectly with your interior. If you want them scented, they are deployed in infinite scents to recreate the atmosphere you want. In this guide, we give you an introduction to the varied choice of scented candleswe explain what is behind each colour of the candle, and we give you all the advice to choose your candle and use it best.

Scented candles- dreamy, calming and invigorating

Candles, with their dancing flame, are known to be relaxing and comforting. They bring a room to life and can provide the necessary cocooning touch to make you feel right at home. The purpose of scented candles is often to bring an additional touch to the well-being and the soothing that their presence brings.

There are thus essential oil candles that can relax you, help you fight against insomnia, or, on the contrary, provide you with the energy you need to start the day well. Each scent has its benefits, and you will usually find them on the Luxury Scented Candles packaging. Here are a few examples:

  • To stimulate yourself and tone your body, choose a candle with cinnamon, ginger or cloves;
  • To de-stress, prefer the scent of Scots pine or Ho wood and Lavender candles,
  • To relax and fight insomnia, choose green mandarin or exotic verbena;
  • To fill you with optimism and good humour, opt for sweet orange.

You may also want to bring a special ambiance to your home. And for that, what could be better than choosing a candle that diffuses the scent of this atmosphere? For example, you could opt for a gingerbread candle for Christmas or a sea scent candle for the summer.

Remember that smell is one of the favourite senses of our memory. Some aromatherapy candles will diffuse smells that will remind you of beautiful memories: orange blossom, frangipane, fresh grass, cotton candy. Besides all this, scented candles can also have much more practical purposes. You can turn them on to drive away a lingering odour or to give a room an impression of purity.

Note that some scents are more subdued than others, and not all scents are suitable in all situations. For example, you will want to avoid diffusing a strong smell in your office, so as not to inconvenience your colleagues or visitors. Before buying a scented candle, it is best to smell it first. While the smell won't be completely the same once you light the candle, it will be enough to help you find the one you want to put in your home.

candle colours

Each colour has its meaning.

You surely choose the color of your candles according to the decoration of the room you are going to put them. And yet, did you know that each color has a meaning? Candles are sometimes at the center of rituals, and the colors are never chosen at random.

The white candle

White, as is often the case, is associated with a large number of values ​​such as purity, goodness, truth, sincerity, innocence, faith, and even hope. White candles are used in many rituals, especially those related to spirits. They are also used to make wishes and prayers related to love, children, and family.

The red candle

Red is linked to love, passion, and fertility, but also to courage and enthusiasm. Red candles are generally used in rituals related to these themes.

The pink candle

Pink is also linked to love but rather on the side of affection, tenderness, and marriage. Light pink candles are used to grow love, while darker colored ones are meant to help overcome emotional issues or strengthen love.

The yellow candle

Yellow is linked to intelligence, confidence, talent, and luck. Yellow candles are used to reveal hidden talents and intellectual abilities and be lucky or have more self-confidence.

The orange candle

Orange is also associated with luck, as well as success and vitality. Orange candles are believed to bring you good fortune and strength, inspiration, and intellectual achievement.

The green candle

Green is the color of success as well as of money. In addition to this, green candles should bring you well-being and relaxation. Some rituals also use green candles to help overcome obstacles in the professional world and achieve goals.

The purple candle

Candles in this colour are related to a spiritual world, as well as healing of the spirit. They are also supposed to cause premonitory dreams.

The grey candle

Grey, like our hair, represents old age, wisdom, and maturity. In addition, the gray candles would have the power to neutralize negative energies and situations and protect us.

The black candle

Black candles attract all the bad waves, not to knock them back on you afterward, but rather to make them disappear. They are used in many rituals to combat evil and negative influences.

The silver candle

The colour silver is associated with reconciliation and understanding within the family. Silver candles would also have the power to neutralize negative influences.

golden candle

The golden candle

Gold, of course, is linked to financial success and fortune, but also to joy and brotherhood. Golden candles are believed to bring about success and accomplishment.

When it is time to extinguish it, you may want to avoid the peculiar smell that a candle gives off when it is extinguished by blowing on it. This smell could ruin the scent that your candle took a long time to diffuse. So instead of blowing on it, use a candle snuffer. Another solution, if you don't have one, is to bend the wick with the tip of a knife so that it is dipped into the liquid wax. You will obviously have to straighten the wick directly after so that it does not get stuck in the wax. Also, check that the wick is still in the center of the candle. If not, replace it manually a few minutes after turning it off. Finally, make sure that the wick is no longer than one centimetre. This will prevent it from emitting smoke once lit. If it is longer, you just need to cut it.


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