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Scented Candles

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Scented Candles

All you need to know about scented candles

The ambient smell and brightness level are the first two elements that the human brain detects: come back to home. If you live in a cellar and it smells like cauliflower, let's be honest: you're in trouble! Thank God, scented soy candles come to the rescue to recreate an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The smell of the sea, wheat field, or cotton and soy wax candles. It is something for everyone, from the most classic to the most original. What could be better to refresh your interior than a deliciously scented candle? Of course, nothing! So let’s find together everything you need to know about scented candles. 

What are the scented candles?

During the manufacturing process, the fragrance oil is added to the candle wax to make scented candles. On the other hand, the essential oils are used in handmade scented soy candlesTo create an atmosphere in a room, many are moving towards the acquisition of scented candles. In addition to ensuring optimal relaxation, they also diffuse a pleasant fragrance for your ambiance.

benefits of a handmade scented candle

What are the Benefits of scented candles?

Cracking a match to light a candle that smells good is always tempting. Long used to light up dark nights and comfort, the candle has currently become a decorative accessory in addition to expertly bringing its many benefits to our daily lives. Fragrant, warm, but also elegant, scented candles also contain several advantages that we suggest you discover here. 

Evocative and fragrant aromas

Smells tend to immerse you in memories, evoking moments you have experienced in the past. Therefore, it is important to choose the scents of the scented candles that you want to exhale. Scented candles are real everyday companions to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Fruity, floral, or even musky scented candles diffuse their scents into the atmosphere to remove bad smells and distill their enchanting aromas. 

Soothing and relaxing properties

In addition to presenting a decor aspect that brings a touch of chic to your home, scented candles allow you to enjoy many benefits. In your room, they envelop you in delicacy to soothe your evenings and spread their relaxing virtues. This is the case with candles scented with magnolia, which helps to relax. 

Eucalyptus is also a popular scent that clears the airways and helps relaxation. Lavender, on the other hand, helps fight the anxiety-provoking effects of stress. The emotions can be appeased due to the smells; it is scientifically proven. Therefore, if you feel nervous or anxious, a soothing odor can definitely have a significant impact on your brain. You will then feel relaxed and able to effectively release the stress you are feeling. To do this, choose a suitable fragrance, such as patchouli, cardamom, French pear (below), or verbena.

French Pear Scented Candle

Candles to ensure your well-being

Whatever the aromas of the homemade scented candles you choose; their scent is a real breath of fresh air in interiors. They help relieve you after a long day of work, keep insects away with certain essential oils they contain, or even bring a feeling of immediate relief. The scented candles are ideal if you want to spend romantic moments with your partner by impregnating it with subtle and bewitching scents. 

Perfumes and effects

Specialists have classified candles according to their perfumes' nature, the sensations they arouse, or their origins. So they defined olfactory families. The floral candles, made with essential oils of flowers, are made to pamper the feminine sensitivity. The fruity candles are there to recall the delight of the different seasons. Gourmet candles are created to stimulate the appetite. Citrus candles, made with citrus essences, are designed to vitalize and tone the atmosphere of your room. The fresh candles are intended to cool the interior by removing unwanted odors. The oriental candles are intended to create a bewitching atmosphere. The wooden candles introduce the atmosphere of nature into the house, sometimes to evoke virility. Do not hesitate to consult the list of our soy scented candles to inspire you!

To find better sleep

Since the scented candle allows you to free yourself from certain stress, it is also possible to find better quality sleep. Also, an hour before you go to bed, do not hesitate to burn a candle to relax.

To bring a pleasant atmosphere to your home

Due to your olfactory memory, it becomes possible to immerse yourself in pleasant atmospheres. The most obvious example we can take is the smell of apple cinnamon. It inevitably reminds you of the end of year celebrations, doesn’t it? The olfactory memory is personal and depends on the experience of each. Also, to immerse yourself in your childhood, for example, and remind you of pleasant moments, favor the scents that speak to you. Oranges from your grandmother's garden, for example, jasmine or mint.

For evenings with friends

What could be better than creating a warm and soothing atmosphere when you are hosting? The scented candle must absolutely be one of your essentials for all the parties that you organize at home. You will then enjoy a welcoming interior, perfect for a friendly moment.

Soy wax handmade candle

How to choose a scented candle?

Are you interested in a scented candle? In this case, it is necessary to know how to choose it well. Precisely, here are some tips that can help you make your choice.

  • The decorative accessory: of course, the candle must bring an additional decorative touch to your interior. The candle holder must, therefore, correspond to the style you have chosen.
  • The capacity: if you are a big consumer of candles, prefer accessories of 260 grams.
  • Perfume: we have mentioned above the importance of odors. Prefer these fragrances that allow you to calm down or that remind you of your madeleine moments.

What Precautions to take while using scented candles

Despite the benefits they bring, scented candles are still to be used with caution since flame means smoke even if it turns out to be invisible. Scent means excitement, even irritation of the respiratory tract. When choosing your candles, prefer those scented with essential oil and not synthetic fragrances like scented soy candles. Similarly, prefer natural wax candles to paraffin candles, and when burning, do not forget to ventilate the room. Where the allergy handicaps someone's respiratory function, avoid this burning.



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