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Pro tips on buying the perfect scented candle- Buying guide

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Scented candles

When the going gets tough, and workloads threaten to stress you out, a wonderful way to relax is to light one of your favourite scented candles and bathe in their calming fragrance as your mind drifts away and forgets about everything for a while.

What used to be just a source of light has transformed to become decor for your room, and a means to have a relaxing ambience. Because of the multitude of uses that candles now provide, a variety of scented candles now abound in the market, making shopping a little more complicated. To save you from further stress, here are buying tips to help you in your quest to find the right scented candles for you.

 1: Buy natural candles:

Ensure that you only purchase scented candles made of soy wax which is a biodegradable and renewable material. These candles are non-toxic, environmental-friendly and safer to use than paraffin candles, which are petroleum-based. Another added benefit is that soy candles burn 50% longer than other candles, thus are more cost-efficient.

 2: Look for the right fragrance:

Colour and shape take a back seat to fragrance when it comes to helping you make your selection. The fragrance is more important because the relaxing quality of candles comes primarily from their aroma. What’s the use of a scented candle if the fragrance that comes from it makes you dizzy? Sniffing before buying is a good practice when shopping for candles.

 3: Invest in different kinds of Scented candles:

 If you intend to buy a couple of scented candles, invest in different kinds. Instead of purchasing one large candle purchase dozen scented jar candles with different fragrances. You will then know which ones you really like and can purchase them in a larger size the next time.


4: Choose candles that match the theme of your room:

Get candles that will suit and not clash with the room's theme and colour that you intend to put them in. If you intend to place them in your pastel living room, don’t buy candles in bright red or orange colours.

 Best Scented Candles

5: Shop online for good quality candles:

If you don’t have time to do manual shopping, you can buy your scented candles right inside your home with just a few clicks. Shopping online may be convenient, but it does not come without drawbacks. Since you won’t be able to smell the candle before buying, you have to make sure that you are familiar with the scent of your choice. You also have to be careful when choosing an online store. Be sure to rely only on authentic and accredited candle suppliers so you will get your money’s worth.

6: Buy Wholesale scented candles if you need dozens of candles

Buying wholesale scented candles will save you money. If you plan on buying a lot of scented candles, it’s a good idea to purchase it in wholesale or bulk so you can acquire them for a lesser price. Many stores, even online stores, offer wholesale scented candles that cost a lot less than if you buy them retail.

7: Safety:

When using scented candles, safety should always be a priority. Because of their low melting point, 100% Soy needs to be in a container. This is a good thing as it adds to the safety of burning your candle. Pillar candles can fall over and start a fire. Just keep in mind never to leave burning candles unattended.

8: Burn time:

When it comes to choosing scented candles for your home, choose the one that has more burn time. If you choose the luxury candle with no good burning time, then there is no point to buy such a candle. If the candle burns longer, the fun will not be short-lived. However, all things must come to an end but ensure that you get the value. There are many factors involves in burning time such as candle wick, the quantity of additive (fragrance, dyes, scent holder and pigments), shape and size of candle and composition of a wax candle.

 Scented Candles

9: Space

Don’t ignore your space when you are going to buy a scented candle. For instance, buy a smaller size candle for downstairs WC. However, choose strongly scented candles for the kitchen to disguise the smell of cooking.

Buying tips for highly scented candles:

Fragrance oil is used in the scented candles. The main use of such candles is to scent the air of the room. Some essential oils are used to make such highly scented candles. These types of candles are popularly known as aromatherapy candles. If you are not sure whether your scented candle uses fragrance oils or essential oils, just a quick look at the name of the scent will give you the idea. There are many types of fragrance oils, such as hot fudge sundae, cinnamon pie etc. Basically essential oils come from plants, as well as bear. The names of such plants are marjoram, eucalyptus, ginger, chamomile etc.

If you want to get some highly scented aromatherapy candles, you have to choose candles as well as plant names for the scents. The healing properties of such highly scented candles help you to make the right choice. The colour has little to do with the aromatherapy, but it is closely linked to the scent. For example, lavender is one of the oils that have a calming and relaxing property. Most highly scented soy candles of this nature are some kind of lavender or lilac. Highly scented candles can over-shadow the odour of cooking and also of pet odours. If you are using a highly scented soy candle, you can expect to have a healthier home. While using a highly scented soy candle, you can enjoy a charming perfume effect without using any harsh spray chemicals!

Bottom Line:

Scented candles are a great way to make your home look better, and for you to feel better. By buying the right kind of candles to fit your home, you’ll have a more calming and peaceful ambience that you surely need.

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