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Meditation with scented candles - An ultimate guide

Posted by Jessica Jane on

Scented Candle

Practicing meditation with scented soy candles is a brilliant way of keeping your clam and improves your ability to focus. These candles also come a long way in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Mediation starts by gazing at the flame of the candle, relax, and improve your concentration.

Are you ready to meditate with handmade scented soy candles? Here’s your meditation guide:

Choose a Non-Toxic Candle

It’s recommended to choose aromatherapy candles or handmade candles made from toxic-free chemicals. Since the purpose of the meditation is to relax, never choose the candles that don’t release harmful vapors.

Be Picky With the Color

The color of the candles matters as much as the scent does. Each color represents something different. For instance, for spirituality, white, purple, and blue colors work best. You may also choose natural colored fragranced candles.

On the other hand, if you want happiness, power, passion, and romance, go for pink or red candles. Use a green candle for wealth and prosperity.

Create a Relaxing Ambiance

Once you have decided which candle you want to go for (handmade candles UK, soy wax candles, or scented candles), the next step is to create an ambiance. Choose a quiet room away from all the noise and clutter.

Turn off the lights and light up the candle. Now stare into the flame and let it occupy your mind. Make sure the candle is positioned at your eye levels for avoiding strain. Slowly, as you glare into the candle, you will have no visual awareness of anything around you. This is a pure delight and it’s in this delight that you can meditate.

Start Meditating

Start taking deep breaths while your eyes are on the flame. Let yourself be absorbed by the beauty of the flame. It can be difficult for a beginner especially if you are distracted easily.

As your eyes focus on the flame, they won’t move. It may take a little time but you will eventually be absorbed by the flame. As long as you have one of the best meditation candles such as scented candles Jessica Jane.

Let Your Emotions Flow

Visualize the flame to guide you towards a higher purpose. Let your imagination flow and let go of all the fears, hate, and emotions that you have buried inside of you. Make the most out of the light of the candle. The inner peace that you will find is going to be profound.

Once you learn to meditate the help of a soy candle or a homemade aromatherapy candle, you will never go back from there. Many people are in disbelief about meditation with scented candles because they are unable to clear their minds. If that’s you too, all you need to do is practice and probably choose a scent that relaxes you. Lavender scent serves the purpose well. 

The best-scented candles to promote meditation

Here are some best-scented candles that are best and whose smell gives you feelings of relaxation. 


Among the scented candles, the best known for its relaxing properties is lavender. The aroma instills well-being and tranquility, but it has been scientifically proven to help people get mentally active. Lavender reconciles sleep (but don't fall asleep with lighted candles) and has a wonderful effect on headaches and migraines with aura. 


If you love the scent of blooming gardens and have the soul of incurable romantics, the scented candle is the Jasmine. This plant is among the most used (and expensive) in the world and has many useful properties in everyday life. If the stress of city life grips you, light a Jasmine candle as soon as you return home. The anxiety will calm down, and you will be able to relax. After a day at work or in the gym, immerse yourself in a tub full of water and fill the bathroom with Jasmine-scented candles: you cannot have a better day.


Among the candles used for aromatherapy, there are also those with vanilla. This plant grows to a height of over 300 meters and has been found to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. The smell of vanilla candles unconsciously induces positive thoughts and feelings. It helps you to have a peaceful sleep and relieves tension, not surprisingly; it is also present in various homeopathic products to combat anxiety and stress.

Sandal wood

Aphrodisiac, sedative, antidepressant, and bactericidal, sandalwood is widely used to make scented candles. The scent is intense and decisive, and well suited to those who do not like too sweet smells. It has a relaxing action on the nervous system and is an excellent natural antidepressant.

The benefits of meditation with a scented candle

Meditation with a scented candle is used to relax, de-stress, and clears the air. The flame, when subjected to external factors such as air or respiration, tends to move. This flame dance allows the mind to focus on a specific point and therefore promotes concentration. The scent diffused by the candle awakens your olfactory senses and relaxes you by acting on your emotional brain. Meditating through the flame of a scented candle improves health, cognitive functions, and ward off negative thoughts. This practice calms the mind and helps you develop patience and self-confidence. It is also a great help in combating insomnia and improving vision. In addition, the use of a scented candle for meditation has positive effects on the physique. It is an excellent remedy for eye diseases, and it also helps strengthen the muscles responsible for eye movement.

Bottom Line

Meditation with a scented candle is the best way to meditate. It allows you to fix your attention to stay focused. A few minutes of meditation with a scented candle will give you a feeling of well-being and balance and an intense moment of fullness. Remember one thing, the purpose of meditation is not to remove thoughts from your mind but to improve your performance in all aspects. Peace of mind and emotional healing are added benefits.


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