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Introducing Wax Melts – How to Use Them and Why to Use Them

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Introducing Wax Melts? – How to Use Them and Why to Use Them?

When you hear the word wax, what does it resonate with you? Something warm? Something that adds ambiance to the room or something that facilitates you in meditation. If you enjoy candles based on their fragrance, you would love wax melts.

What Are Wax Melts?

A wax melt is a scented piece of wax that comes in the shape of a chocolate bar rather than a candle jar. It’s a bit different because it doesn’t come with a wick. Now this must have raised the question, then how to light it up? It’s simple yet unique. You simply melt the wax melt by using a tea light heated burner or an electric burner. 

People have started preferring wax melts over traditional candles to make their homes smell beautiful. 

How to Use Wax Melts?

As mentioned earlier, lighting up a wax melt is very simple. Let’s say you are using an electric burner. Simply place 1 to 2 pieces of these melts into the dish area. Turn on the heat and let these pieces melt. Gradually, they will start releasing fragrance in your room and you will be refreshed.

Ideally, it’s recommended to use electric burners for using these melts because there’s no flame involved. This is great if you have pets or young kids in the house and you want to create a safe environment. 

Another way to use melts is through a tea light heated burner. It’s the traditional way of doing so. You have to place the pieces of melt in the dish area and lit the tea light. 

When To Discard Wax Melts?

Wax melts are different from scented candles in not just the way they are used but the way they are discarded. Unlike a candle, the wax from the melts does not disappear. It loses its scent eventually. When this happens, it is time to remove the wax from the burner. 

To remove the wax from the burner, either heat the cooled wax and throw away the liquid or pop in cotton pads so that they soak the liquid.

Scents of Wax Melts 

Wax melts come in a variety of scents just like traditional fragrance candles do. Jessica Jane’s range of premium wax melts includes amazing scents which include Cameral vanilla, lavender, French pear, coconut vanilla, apple cinnamon, and Jasmine Sandalwood.

Each flavour has its own unique scent that you lighten up the mood. Choose whatever scent you like the best or buy them all and use whatever scent best suits your mood.

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Top Reasons to Choose Wax Melts Over Candles 

Some of us are new to wax melts and hence we are inclined to stick to candles. But ditching the traditional scented candles and choosing melts has not just one, but several advantages. Let’s walk you through some of the most compelling reasons:

  • Flame-Free Quality 

  • We have already talked about this one but it’s some important, it should be reiterated. So many homeowners have reported property damage because of fire caused by candles. If you have kids or pets in your house, you must think twice because lighting a candle. 

    Does that mean you can’t use candles at all? Well, no because you can use wax melts instead. They come in the form of cubes, tarts, and bars and they are simple to heat up. Within 5 to 10 minutes, the melts start releasing the scent.

  • More Life 

  • Wax melts last longer than a traditional scented candle. The average burn time for a 16-ounce candle jar is between 60 and 84 hours. On the other hand, Jane wax melts have an average burn time of up to 28 hours per ounce.

  • Affordability 

  • Another quality of wax melts is that they are cheaper. They don’t just have an affordable retail price, they are affordable to manufacture as well. So, it’s a win-win for both customers and manufacturers.

  • More Convenience 

  • This one is pretty obvious. In certain places such as apartments, offices, and dorms, candles are banned because they produce a flame. Wax melts, on the other hand, don’t hence they could be allowed. Do make sure you check the rules and regulations before using a wax melt.

    Plus, once you have lit the electric or ceramic burner, you don’t have to worry about turn off the flame or anything. They are highly convenient to use. 

  • More Fragrance

  • Wax melts have a more fragrance than soy wax scented candles. But this does not mean that they are stronger and you will be uncomfortable with the scent. Wax melts are capable of holding an 11 to 12 percent fragrance load.

  • No Soot

  • Wax melts don’t generate any soot or release anything in the air. Candles tend to discolour the walls, damage furniture edges, and even curtains. But there is no such issue with wax melts. If someone in the house has respiratory issues, they won’t be irritated since there is no soot.

  • Healthy For the Environment 

  • Wax melts are a healthy and convenient option for not just homeowners, but for the environment, as well. Less landfill is used for creating wax melts. It minimizes glass waste. Melt warmers are more durable. They can last for 4 to 6 years. So it’s better than everyone who uses scented candles should switch to wax melts and reduce garbage from the environment.

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  • Fun to Watch Them Melt

  • It’s fun to watch the wax melts melt and release the fragrance. Since they are safe to use, you can also introduce your kids to this science. They will love to see the wax melt. It’s even satisfying for adults to watch during aromatherapy. 

    Bottom Line

    When you are using wax melts, no one can stop you from being creative. You can mix two to three scents and create your very own custom fragrances.

    Switching to wax melts will save you a great deal of trouble as well as money. It’s a safer way to make your home smell like heaven. Enjoy this new experience! 


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