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How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet, upholstery, wood floor and clothes

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There is nothing like purchasing a new scented candle. It will light up any room in your home; you will fall in love with its serene scent and admire how it makes you feel when you are trying to relax after a hard day of work. The only downside is when the wax spills. It is a relatively common problem, but do not let a little wax deter you from this slice of heaven. You will find some great instructions here on how to remove candle wax from carpet, upholstery, wood floor, and clothes, so in the case of an emergency, you will know exactly what to do!


When the wax comes dripping, have your materials ready to go. You will need paper towels and an electric iron to remove wax from the carpet. The best towel recommendations are to use white towels since the heat may cause the dye from the towels to run onto the carpet, which would be a graver problem than a little wax on the carpet.

Pre-Cleaning Instructions

Once you have your materials ready, you will have to do a little pre-cleaning, which will help you a lot before getting down and dirty. Depending on how much wax you have spilled, try to pick out any larger pieces of dried wax that you can. Pick out any excess wax that you can with either a brush, comb, or your with your hands. However, please be careful not to unravel the pile of wax or cause damage to the carpet fibers while extracting the additional wax.

Liquefy and Absorb the Wax

Your first step is to preheat the electric iron on the lowest setting. While the iron is heating, place the paper towel over the wax. Then place the hot iron over the paper towel, which will help to liquefy the wax slowly. As the wax liquefies, the paper towel prevents the carpet from burning and from absorbing the wax. Do not be afraid to press down harder on the iron; just make sure that you do not turn up the heat as you do not want to damage the carpet fibers or set the paper on fire. This may take a few minutes but be patient. 

Protecting Your Carpet

As the paper towel absorbs the wax, make sure that you are not pulling on any of the loops or fibers of the carpet, especially in carpets like Berber, as you can easily ruin the rug. Continually change the paper towel as the wax continues to absorb. The size of the spill will determine how many paper towels are necessary. 

Once you have absorbed the most amount of wax possible, the stain should be almost completely removed. If there still is some residue left, you can go back to the beginning by carefully extracting any left-over residue. By placing an ice cube over the residue, may help to further harden the wax and make picking it out much easier. 

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Professional Help

After following these instructions, your carpet should be as good as new. However, if the spill was severe, eliminating the entire stain may be very difficult, if not impossible. The type of carpet may also influence the difficulty of removing the wax. If this is the case, then leave it to the professionals to remove the wax stain.


Perform the same process to remove the candle wax from upholstery. Ice-bag can be used to harden the spilled wax. Use the butter knife to the spilled wax off the upholstery. Place a paper towel or paper bag on the stain. Use the warm iron on it; the wax will transfer to the paper towel. Use alcohol to remove the residue. 

Remove candle wax from clothes and fabric.

If the clothes or fabric have spots of hardened scented candle wax, it can be removed easily. Use the vegetable oil and rub the fabric with it. Wipe off the excess oil, then wash it as usual. If you want to remove the wax from the tablecloth, then put it in the freezer. The wax will be hard after some time, remove the table cloth from the freezer, and most of the wax will be removed. Spread the affected area of linen over a tub and fasten it with rubber bands, then pour hot boiling water over the residue wax. Then wash the tablecloth.


If you are looking to remove the spilled candle wax melts from wood floors, follow the following steps. 

  • First off, mop the wood floor with warm water as it will help clear any residue or dirt on the surface of the floor.
  • Pour the mineral spirits onto the affected area of the floor.
  • Now scrub the affected area with a clean mop or cloth. Make sure to apply strong pressure to the spilled wax stain. This way, the remaining residue will also be removed.
  • If any stain remains, use the steel wool to scrub the area.
  • Now wipe with a dry and clean cloth.


Here is another method to remove candle wax stain from the wood floor using the ice cube. You can easily try this method at home to remove candle wax stain from the wood floor. Follow the below steps in order.

  • Take an ice cube and hold it on the stain for a minute to harden the spilled wax. 
  • Use a plastic ruler and scrape the hardened wax off. Alternatively, you can use a credit card.
  • On the affected area, apply the cream furniture wax. This way, the remaining residue will be rubbed away. 

So, these are the best methods to remove the candle wax from upholstery, wood floor, carpet, and tablecloths. So you can get back to the family dinner, holiday parties, or simply relaxing. If you are looking for the best scented candles UkJessica Jane is probably the best place to shop scented candles either for the festive season or for a wedding. 


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