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How to make scented candles- An ultimate guide

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scented candle

In ancient times, candles were used for light and heat. Remains of candles were found in caves in France, and it is assumed that the cavemen used them while painting on the walls of their caves. During this time period, candles were made from animal fat; however, the Egyptians made candles by drizzling beeswax onto plants' stems.

Now, people make candles as a hobby or for business. And, for some people, this business is very profitable. When you make your own homemade candles, you can design them any way you want. You can also color them to coordinate with your home decor. Some wonderful and inexpensive aromas are out there now that you can purchase to make your candles smell like the outdoors or your favorite dessert. Plain old vanilla is still one of the most popular scents.

Candle Making Basics

Candles are made from paraffin wax, beeswax, or soy wax. Whichever way you choose, they are all-natural waxes. The paraffin wax is derived from plants. Beeswax comes from honeybees and soy wax, of course, comes from soy. A wick is placed in the center of the form prior to pouring the wax. The best wicks are ones that are not made with lead but cotton, and the cotton material is braided together.

Safety is very important when you are making candles. Your candle making area should be set up with everything that you will need from start to finish. Candle wax is very hot, so everything should be right there at your disposal so that the process will flow smoothly. Hot candle wax can cause severe burns and, if spilled on the floor, could cause you to slip. Spills need to be cleaned up promptly.

When you begin to make candles for the first time, make them simple. That way, you can get used to the whole process of making candles and also what works for you and what doesn't. Once you have your own particular procedure down, then you can experiment with colors, scents, and different shapes.

There is also information out there to help you with the whole process of making your own handmade candles UK. Your supplies can all be purchased online, so there is no need to travel to find the equipment that you need. Start small and work up to a thriving candle business.


How to make scented candles 

At any moment, you can order scented candles from your favorite candle store, but where is the fun in that? Here, you will learn how to make scented candles, which will be a much more rewarding experience. You may even find out that you have some secret candle-making skills you may like to pursue as a fun and profitable side project. Making your own scented candles is a great idea because you may love certain scents, but they do not come in the color or design you like. Now you will be the master craftsman or craftswoman, in charge of making your ideal scented candle. Let’s get started!

Getting Your Materials in Order

Making your scented candles can also be more economically satisfying since creating your own candle will cost a fraction of the price of purchasing a scented candle. Therefore, to begin, you will need your supplies. You will need the following materials:

  • Any type of wax but preferably paraffin wax or gulf wax (1 Pound for an average pillar candle, more for a larger candle).
  • A pouring pot, a pot with handles so that you can comfortably melt and pour the wax without much risk of burning yourself.
  • A wick
  • A Wax or Candy thermometer
  • Liquid Color, Solid Pigment Chip Color or a Colored Powder to dye the candle, if so desired
  • A Candle mold of your choice
  • Preferred scent to add to the candle which comes in liquid form (advanced but stronger) or in a solid form (Easier for beginners but less effective)
  • A hot plate

Heating Up

After you have gathered your materials, you are ready to roll. You will begin by heating up the hot plate. While the hot plate warms up, grab the pouring pot and attach the thermometer. You can then place the pound of wax into the pot to melt. The thermometer is extremely important since wax can catch on fire when it reaches 375 degrees. Make sure that the pot always stays around 300 degrees to prevent any hazards.

coloured scented candle

Let There be Color

With your dye, add it right into the wax once it has all liquefied and stirs. The more color you add, the richer and bolder the color will become. You can also experiment with color at this stage, mixing different colors and seeing the results. You can also add glitter for an extra shimmer in your candle.

Scenting the Candle

The most exciting part of creating this unique candle is adding the scent. You should add about one ounce of liquid scent to one pound of wax. Continue to stir the wax to disperse the scent.

Formatting the Candle

Once you have created the liquid version of your candle, you will need to prepare the mold. Place one end of the wick into the hole of the mold and tie the other end to a stick, which you can place flat across the top of the mold. Then pour the wax slowly into the mold to avoid any air bubbles. Tapping the mold after pouring will help to release any air bubbles inside. Then let the wax solidify for at least one day. Then, you can remove the candle from the mold and trim the wick if necessary. That’s it. Now you can show off your own custom made scented candle to all of your friends and family.

The benefits of scented candles

An essential cocooning accessory, the scented candle allows you to feel totally at home. In addition, scented candles will have specific roles depending on their compositions and the properties of the fragrances. Thus, candles scented with cinnamon, ginger, or cloves are ideal for stimulating and toning the body. Scents such as Sylvester pine or even rose geranium allow you to de-stress and relax. Candles also help fight insomnia. To do this, use a candle with green tangerine, verbena, lavender, or hops. 


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