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How to choose romantic scented candles for Valentine’s Day

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Scented Candles

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s the right time to start thinking about sweetest romantic gestures to tell your sweetheart how much he/she means to you. Whether you have planned a date night or cosy night at home, we agree that the smell of scented candle can set you mood and make your precious hours more romantic. Here we will discuss how to choose sensual scented candles that will surely add a warm glow in your romantic life and brighten your ambience.


Which scented candles are the best for romance?


When it comes to romantic candles, there is nothing better than vanilla scented candles. It is believed that vanilla was sprung from the blood of a tragic lover. So you can’t deny its association with romance and pure love. We all love the smell because it makes you feel secure, happy, and nostalgic with the memories of home baking, childhood kitchen and comfort food. The sensual scents like vanilla make you feel relaxed and confronted. 


In ancient times, Jasmine flower was a symbol of love. Its tropical aroma gives you more sexy vibes, which has to be a great thing for a romantic date night. Jessica Jane Jasmine scented candle is a blend of sweet floral and earthly scents of sandalwood that bring the sexy muskiness.


Sandalwood has a warm and confronting aroma with earthly scent note, perfect for cosy date night at home. It creates feelings of contentment and peace, so you can use it if you want to feel relaxed. 


Lavender is always on the top of aphrodisiac fragrances list due to calming properties and fresh aroma. Lavender is pure and calming that is perfect to set a mood for a romantic date night.


Colours for Romantic Scented Candles

Colours have psychological values and can affect your mood. For romantic scented candles, choose the following colours to bring an exotic edge.


Red is the colour of love which is associated with romance, desire, passion and vitality. This colour is usually linked with heart and roses, which are the symbol of romance.


Purple symbolizes the passion, unity and creativity.

 scented candles


Pink colour represents innocent and new love. It is a blend of red and white colours.


Black colour represents empowerment and submissiveness. Black colour scented candles evoke romance. When you mix black with red or purple shades, they strike a romantic contrast.


White is a symbol of purity and natural beauty. It is also associated with innocence and weddings.


The burgundy and maroon colours look alike and symbolize red wine. When red and blue colours mixed together, then their tones get deepen. 


What Scent Should You Choose?

Want to know what the best scent you need to choose on this Valentine’s Day? There is no ‘one smell that fits all’ for a romantic date. It might be possible that you and your significant other may not be attracted to the same types of scents. Or it is possible that you both enjoy the same scent. Choose the one that you both like and enjoy. Check our latest collection and choose the one that feels right for you and your partner. 

Floral Scents:

No one can resist the smell of freshly cut flowers and fully bloomed garden. It is always lovely and gives you a happy and relaxed feeling. The rose, Jasmin, lavender, lilac and cherry blossom are some floral scents that come with a romantic touch.

 Romantic scented candles

The natural and gentle floral scent is associated with romance and innocent love. The red rose brings more sensual scent, that’s why people find its smell more tempting.

Food Scents

Like other aphrodisiacs, a candle with a sweet smell could arouse the feeling of desire. It also evokes an appetite for passion. The sensual food scents include the vanilla, strawberry, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon and warm sugar.

Exotic Scents: 

Sometimes, the unfamiliar scent may get you stimulated. Do you know how? It is because of exotic scents that can evoke your good memories, maybe from your childhood summer vacation at grandmother’s home. You fantasize it and more attracted to exotic scents that include sandalwood, pineapple, amber, patchouli and coconut.

Romance Scents: 

When you are having dinner or lunch, avoid using scented candles because they may mix with your food’s flavours. However, use them in your romantic bedroom setting, when having a massage or while soaked in warm and bubbly water.

Fruity Scents:

Scented candles with the fruity note are the best alternatives to floral scented candles. Their scent is easy to recognize and uplift your mood and putting you and your sweetheart in a great mood. For delicious and juicy fruity scent, consider using strawberry, cherry, apple, and pineapple.

Tropical Scents: 

The tropical scent makes your ordinary evening more special. It will make you feel that you are on the Tropical Island or sandy beach. If you both enjoy travelling and wine tours, then subtle vintage scents might be the best option.

Woodsy aromas: 

Couples who love nature prefer spending time in the woods. Stroll through the woods is more romantic and peaceful for them. If you are also one of them, then woodsy candles like sandalwood scented candles can bring the outdoors into your home with the smell of fauna, moss, forest trees and leaves.


Shapes for Romantic Candles

Romantic candles come in all sizes and shapes. However, size and shape might not be more important. However, the way these candles are used can create a more romantic ambience. But, some shapes are noticeable and make the environment more romantic such as heart-shapes, lip shape, rose-shaped, and round-shaped candles.

 Scented Candles

Where to buy romantic scented candles

At Jessica Jane, we carry the most romantic and latest collection of scented candles you can find over the web. Our signature line features the luxury and coloured tumbled scented candles with great fragrance and trendy colours. These candles are perfect for creating a romantic environment this Valentine’s Day. We hope our latest collection will inspire you to choose a romantic candle for this V-day. If you want to give a trendy gift, take a look at our luxury candles for your Valentine.


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