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Cosy Candles

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Cosy Candle by Jessica Jane

For some of us that don't own a fireplace a cosy candle is the next best thing. When coming home after a long day you can light a scented candle and just stare into it while smelling the beautiful aromas they have to offer. 

Cosy in itself means comfort, warmth and relaxation and candles have it all. 

For comfort nothing beats a french pear scented candle which eases your pain and helps take away any distress you may be feeling.

When you are cosy you are warm and with a spicy apple cinnamon scented candle you can really start to feel your body heat up inside from your fingers to your toes.

One of the most cosy and relaxing things in the world can be taking a nice bath after a long day with a scented Lavender candle. You can just close your eyes and really start to drift off in your own cosy thoughts.

Imagine for a minute you are home late afternoon on a cold winter’s day curled up on the couch with your favorite book and to fulfill that relaxing and comforting environment is a cosy candle. Not only to bring light of a warm fireplace but to bring a beautiful scent throughout the room.

If you really want to smell and sense nature while reading your book you can always go for a Jasmine Sandalwood candle.  The sweet smell of Jasmine flowers and natural extracts of Sandalwood can almost make you feel like you are in front of a cosy, warm fireplace. 

Some people think of taste to help feel relaxed and warm inside and a Caramal Vanilla candle does just that. The scent will remind you of your childhood comforts sitting with your friends and eating some sensational sweets while giggling and hoping they never end.  

All in all you cant beat a cosy candle to help you unwind, relax and warm up your whole body from your head to your feet. Jessica Jane Candles has all the scented candles you need for many different occasions.

If you have any questions at all please do get in contact as we would love to hear from you.


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