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Choose Your Scented Candle According To the season

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For a small evening with friends, a romantic dinner, or for a birthday, the ideal scent depends on your mood and the occasion! All types of scents are available for all small and big moments, even the most every day. For example, the scent of Amber will be ideal for a hot evening between lovers. It is also possible to combine the scents of candles according to your favourite music. In short, no successful moment can resist the power of the scented candle!

The Different Types of Scents

There are different types of scents that you can choose according to your mood, occasion, and season.

Fruity Scents:

As the name suggests, natural scented candles will give off a scent mainly based on fruit, such as strawberries or peaches, for example. You can find our flagship scented product for the summer in this olfactory family: the French pear scented candle. In addition, our lavender-scented candle is also included in this category.

Floral Scents:

Floral fragrances generally appeal to women and are widely used in perfumes. The floral notes are very appreciated during the summer. You can find in this category our Jasmine sandalwood scented candle.

Woody Scents:

Woody candles are a hit in winter. And for a good reason, the woody notes bring a certain elegance and warmth to your interior, and their scents can remind of beautiful walks in the forest as evoked in particular by our Jasmine Sandalwood scented candle. Generally, woody candles are very popular with men. In addition, woody scents are ideal for a cocooning atmosphere, such as our Jasmine Sandalwood wax melts, which recalls the smell of wood burning in the fireplace.

gourmet scented candle scents

Gourmet Scents:

Gluttony is not the first word that comes to mind when we think of perfume. However, for several years, gourmet candles have been in increasing demand. And for a good reason, gourmet candles are true cocktails of happiness! Like what, gluttony is not a bad thing.

Fresh Scents:

These scented candles give off fresh scents, due in particular to notes of mint or basil. They are, therefore, ideal during the summer season. You can find our Lemongrass Eucalyptus scented candle in this category. 

Citrus Scents:

This family includes all citrus-based fragrances, such as orange, lemon, or bergamot. The citrus-scented candles will bring a little tonic and vitality to your interior. 

Oriental Scents:

Oriental candles bring together perfumes with base notes that are both sweet and warm but also slightly spicy. Thus, oriental candles are very popular in winter and summer. This family of perfumes appeals to people who appreciate captivating and gourmet scents.

Ferns Scents: 

Ferns are made from combinations of lavender and various other aromatics. Fern notes are often associated with aromatic or woody notes.

Leather Scents:

Leathers are olfactory creations reminiscent of the smell of tanned leather. No scent can be obtained from the leather itself, but perfumers had the idea of ​​falling rose and jasmine petals between pieces of leather to perfume them.

The Scents of Autumn/Winter

Woody candles are very popular in winter and for a good reason. The scents obtained from woody notes of sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, or moor pine evoke walks in the forest, but also the warmth of winter nights in the chalets in the mountains. The woody scented candle is perfect for bringing a warm atmosphere and inviting relaxation during an intimate dinner in winter, a moment of reading in bed, or on the sofa, for example.

The Scents of spring, Summer

Scented candles aren't just for cold winter nights or windy fall days. You may very well light some in the summer, even if it is a bit hot outside or the atmosphere is stuffy.

Indeed, scented candles can very well bring freshness to your interior if you opt for floral scents. The rose, the lotus flower, the eucalyptus, the jasmine, and the iris are so many perfumes which will come to diffuse pleasantly in the rooms of your house in summer and will make you forget the heat.

You can even create a whole flower arrangement from an assortment of flowery scented candles. They are perfect to light if you haven't been able to put a vase full of fresh flowers on the table.

What Types Of Perfumes Are To Be Preferred?

As in all fashions, there are several schools linked to the world of scented candles. Everyone wants to choose the right direction to take. France is fortunate to be the capital of perfumes, with its nose of Grasse, but UK perfume and scented candles are also popular among people. This experience is undoubtedly found in scented candles. The perfumes are elegant, refined, sophisticated. British candles have complex scents while giving a natural result.

Why are scented candles so popular?

Scented candles offer several functions by mixing the softness of a flame and the diffusion of a subtle fragrance. You can choose them according to your interior decoration or according to your mood and desires. Depending on the different pieces, you can opt for totally different candles. For example, for the bathroom, placing candles with citrus or fresh flowers seems to be appropriate. As for the living room, we can then start with more woody notes.

In addition to that, we never tire of candles since we can change them regularly so that our nose does not get used to the scents. We can then smell the different fragrances continuously. Men love candles more and more because they link decoration and home fragrance. In addition, it is undeniable that women appreciate men who take care of their homes. However, be aware that it is only after an hour that a scented candle reveals all its scents, and that after three hours, they can degrade. You should, therefore, not leave it on for more than three hours and, above all, do not expose it directly to the sun or near a heat source, which will soften the wax. Before finding the candles that suit you, try our scented candles, and you will be sure to fall in love with it soon.


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