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Best Scented Candles for Men

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scented candle for men

When we think of scented candles, we often visualize the classic pink candles with red berries, nothing very manly about them. The brands are now offering the quality scented candles ranges for men. So now we can find scented candles with whiskey or absinthe. There are also candles with unconventional scents like orange/cognac or cedar/bergamot. Men love to burn masculine scented candles that make them feel good. That’s why Jessica Jane has come up with a variety of scented candles for both men and women. So, if you are looking for the essential oil scented candles for men, this guide can help you to choose the men scented candles.

Man candle gift guide: best candle scents for men

1-He Enjoys His Home Life

If you are buying a men candle gift for the person who can’t wait to get home and relax in his favourite chair, then the cosy candle home theme will definitely make him feel relax at home.


The scent of Applewood smells like a freshly baked pie that makes it the best men candle. Its smell is unique as it has the blend of sunlit apples and crisp woods that reminds him of apple’s spices he has ever enjoyed. 

Flannel – 

This candle will give your man a feeling of enjoying a safe, happy place. It is a blend of warm woody notes with jasmine, sandalwood, dark amber and velvet.

Cotton – 

This great scent breezes with cotton, eucalyptus leaves and patchouli. It makes the ambience pleasantly cosy. If your guy loves listening to music and reading book, this candle can be a great gift for him.

Warm & Welcome:

If you want to watch your favourite show or movie with your guy, choose the vanilla sandalwood with woody notes to enjoy these beautiful moments.

2-He’s Adventurous 

If your favourite man has big dreams and wants to explore new things and places, then the following scented candles are the perfect gift for him.


This candle has a fruity and spicy fragrance with crispy notes and smells like you stroll through the mountains in the morning.


The scent of this candle lets him think about nature. It is a mixture of the forest elements such as dark wood, summer leaves, cedarwood and clove.


When he is on the go and want to relax, this best quality scented candle will fill the air with amber, woodsy notes and bergamot.


Woods, Tobacco leaves, musk and sandalwood, are the best combination that you could ask for a man.

scented candle

3- He’s a Cool Dude

If your man is laid-back cool dude, takes life in strides and enjoys the small joys in life then natural and authentic men scented candles are the best options to go for him.


He’s got leather shoes, jacket and perhaps leather clothing pieces too. Maybe he likes leather couch or has a leather car seat. If so, the leather scented candle is for him. If your guy is someone who is mischievous and daring, then a candle with a blend of leather cedar and sandalwood can be great for him.


The blend of white wood, rosemary, and bergamot is enough to find a moment of relaxation in hassling life.

Buying guide for scented candles gift

So which candle gift should you buy and what should be the size of the candle? Which colour and what scent? Here is a buying guide that helps you to buy scented candles gift for him.

scented candles

Go Floral

Go floral because men love flowers like women. Don’t think that floral scents are only for women. When you are buying a gift, go for tuberose or lilac.


The shape and size depend on the price. So the price will be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the size of the candle. However, with price ranges from £7.00 – £32.00, everyone can afford a candle with good size.

Consider the space:

Consider the space when you are going to buy a candle gift for him. Consider where the recipient would place the scented candle in his home. If it will be placed in the living room, then a big candle would be ideal. If it is likely to be burned in the bedroom, choose the medium size candle.

Burn time:

In additions to consider the space, consider its burn time and use. If a candle is likely to burn every evening, you will need a candle with long burning time like soy candle. If it is used correctly, this will last many weeks. If used while reading booking or during a soak in the hot bath, a glass jar scented candle with 70 hours burn time will be enough. The burn time is affected by the quantity of additive and composition of wax in it. The very short burn time of the candle is considered a bad sign.

Choose what he loves:

When you are buying a gift, think about your friend, husband or family member who will use the candle. Choose the one what he loves. If he will use it to at a side of his bathtub, then choose for the still fragrance that gives him a touch of spa ambience to any lavatory. If you think he will light the candle while watching his favourite TV show during a cosy night, then blush scent would add to the warm atmosphere. If alfresco dining is the most common thing there, then the French pear scented candle will add a fresh air of summer living to any dinner.


To that last point, try a variety of different fragrances. If you are finding the right scented candle for him, the essential thing to do is an experiment. It is really fun and gives you an idea of what are best suits to your needs.

The primary consideration should be which candle to buy. With over ten different scented candles and wax melts on offer at Jessica Jane, you have come to the right place. All you need to choose what is the best suit for your requirements.


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