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A mini-guide on the best gift ideas for her

Posted by Jessica Jane on

scented candle

Whether it is to celebrate an important event like Christmas, to wish birthday or simply to make a surprise, it is always pleasant to give a gift to a woman who matters. Yes but which one? It's not easy to find the ideal gift that beyond just pleasing you will be remembered for a long time. Yet there are many ideas, not always obvious at first glance, that have the potential to make her happy. To enlighten you, we are going to present the best gifts ideas for her, which, for sure, will earn you points, follow the guide!

Jewellery is a gift box.

All women love jewellery, those accessories that make them more beautiful and graceful. Boxed jewellery is an excellent gift to give to a girl. Know all the same how to choose what you are going to put in the box. To please your beloved, choose a silver necklace, bracelet and ring, matched with a shiny translucent gemstone. If your budget allows it, opt for a gold ring, or simply call on a well-known designer to give her a set of precious jewellery.

Note that some women appreciate personalized accessories. To make her even happier, do not hesitate to engrave her initials on a pendant, or put a little love note with your photo on the plate of a curb chain. If you know her astrological sign then choose her lucky stone to embellish the jewellery you choose to compose this gift box.

Techno accessories camera or ipads:

Computer or iPad cases, ghetto blasters, vinyl turntables, iPhone cases, etc. are all sure values ​​that you can invest with your eyes closed. If she likes photography, the Fujifilm Instax Mini is a great lead.


Every woman loves makeup. A beautiful lipstick (Nars actually crazy, YSL, Givenchy), a nail polish (OPI, ESSIE, Chanel); in short, a simple beauty product can be a great gift for her. Mascara (black) also works.

A Swarovski bracelet

For 125 years, the Swarovski brand has created some of the most beautiful jewellery on the market. The pieces available at the renowned jeweller are all more beautiful than the others. It is a very trendy gift for a woman, ideal for matching with all types of outfits. It can be worn alone or with other delicate bracelets for a successful stacking effect. Its fancy side will appeal to the most sophisticated. 

A book

If you are looking for a gift for a woman and if you know her favourite author, you could give her the latest book just released; otherwise, you might be a similar genre, but beware that she may already have read them all!

 In this case, take a look at the best-selling books of the moment, maybe you will find something different from the usual, but that could strike you anyway.

Fitness bracelet:

It is an elegant fitness bracelet that allows you to constantly monitor your heart rate. It allows you to train in the best way, to monitor the calories burned and to have a more complete picture of your health. To help you stay active all day, the device sends a reminder to move to remind you to complete 250 steps every hour. And last but not least, it automatically records the duration and quality of sleep to help you find the best resting rhythm.

Himalayan salt lamp 

The Himalayan salt lamp naturally emits negative ions to counteract radiation and purify the air and helps relieve eye fatigue and relax your mind. Since they are made from real pieces of salt, no two lamps are identical: you can therefore give a unique piece, with numerous beneficial properties and above all a beautiful decoration suitable for any environment, from the living room to the bedroom. It can be a great gift for a girl who loves interior décor.

Extra-large sweatshirt:

What better way to spend the cold winter evenings than on the sofa, in the warmth, watching TV series? Soft, comfortable and very warm, this extra-large sweatshirt is ideal for your girl if you want to make a useful gift, but at the same time original and that certainly won't get dust in a wardrobe. The lucky ones who receive it will no longer be able to do without it!

scented candle

Scented candle

The candle gift has become very popular. From birthday parties to wedding ceremonies, among other occasions, the candle shines. Scented candles are used as special gifts. It can be a perfect gift for her, but all you need to select it like a pro. We all love candles in different ways. We enjoy using candles at home, but do have personal likes and dislikes when it comes to the fragrance. It is important to cautiously select fragrance candle scents, keeping in mind the preferences of your invitees.

So when it comes to selecting the best fragrance candle scent for a friend or a loved one, the following parameters are important to consider:

  1. Personal taste: If the person is someone close to you, then selecting a fragrance candle for that person isn’t really difficult. If a particular scent is a favourite to many people, and then you can just safely buy that in a fragrance candle.
  1. Gender of the recipient: This doesn’t matter too much all the time, but you can still avoid the masculine scents for females.
  1. The over-all design of the candle: Different people like different candles. There are various options available in the market. You can opt for fairly neutral scented candles, but again you can be more critical with the candle's design and its fitting holder
  1. The purpose of the gift: A festive holiday scent is ideal for almost anyone during the year's right festive times like Christmas. For a leaving party or something similar, a relaxing aromatherapy fragrance candle-like French pear can be perfect.
  1. The Scent: Just follow your nose to choose the right scented candle. Avoiding a particular fragrance that makes you turn green is generally a good idea. Choosing the lemongrass or jasmine is a great option to go.


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