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5 ways to use candles at your wedding

Posted by Jessica Jane on

Scented candle at wedding

Most of the to-be-weds couples consider the candles as a must-have item of their wedding. Now, couples are choosing the scented candles for their ceremony add more style. The best thing about the scented candles for a wedding is that you can position them where you think of them such as at the end of the aisle, use as a table centrepiece and alternative to light bulbs. You can surround them with flowers to make your wedding day more romantic. All you need to make them fit into your decor and add a little touch to help a celebratory atmosphere for all your guests. Here are the five different ways to include scented candles in your D-day.

Have a scent burning throughout your D-day

Whether you burn the candles in the ‘I Do’ ceremony or want to place them on your reception tables, the fragrance of luxury scented candles  will add an element of extravagance to your space. If you and your partner both love a scent like French pear, Jasmine or you want a scent that favours your floral arrangement, use the scents that could create mood. For instance, you can choose the herbs and citrus that helps to improve your mood. While lavender is so tranquil or you could choose the scent for your wedding day that reminds you of a loved one who isn’t with you or can’t be there on your big day.


As a table centrepieces

The centrepiece style has changed so radically in the past decade. Nowadays, glass bowls filled with stem flowers and candlestick holders with dining candles have gone out of style. These days, vivid candles or tea candles with a little floral arrangement are becoming a trend. You can easily recreate this simple look without the help of your florist. If you are planning to go with this style for your wedding day but add a little touch of colour to your arrangement, use tin candles or little scented jar candles with coloured wax. 

A scent to remember

The scent is often overlooked and is not high on the priorities list of many brides, but trends have changed. Now, most couples consider to fully scenting the venue to make their big day more impactful and create a warm glow. The scents can trigger your strong memories and emotions because tissues process the incoming smells that are connected to those areas of the brain that are implicated in memory and emotion. Add certain fragrances to your ceremony venue by burning the scented candles for your guest to celebrate your big day. Chances are when they smell this scent again in the future, they will think of your wedding day. You could give these scented candles to your bridesmaids or other friends as weddings gifts. Our top choice for the scent to remember is coconut vanilla scented candles for a delicate and warm vibe.

As a favour

Favours can be tricky and get the things right, but you need to keep it as simple as possible. The scented candles can be a great token gift for your guest when they join you for the wedding breakfast. Our scented candles collection does the job splendidly. These candles jars are medium-sized that fit in a bag, and your guest can carry them while travelling. They come in a variety of scents. Choose the scent of your choice or match it to your flowers you decide to use on your wedding day. So that your guest will recall the memories of your wedding day every time they burn it. Choose the main colour of your wedding theme and decorate to tie in with it or wrapped it up to make it more alluring

As an alternative to lightbulbs

Either you are getting hitched in winter or summer, candlelight is a great way to add a touch of elegance and set a romantic mood. Place the scattering candles all around the ceremony venue even on the terrace and outdoors. To make the ambience dreamy, fill the walkway down your aisle with tall candle holder. Choosing the scent depends on the time of year and wedding location where you are getting married. Choose the fresh and light notes for summer wedding like Jasmine, lemongrass and citrus. If you are walking down the aisle in a snowy winter, woody and spicy accords like sandalwood and frankincense are the best options to go. Keep in mind that it takes around 3 hours to burn scented candles UK evenly and fill the room with fragrance. So, you need to make sure that the matches are struck early.

Scented Candles as thank you gifts

Most of the guests decide to give the bouquet of fresh blossoms to the parents of wed-to-be on their special day by way of thanks. But this can be a nightmare in terms of logistics, especially if your ceremony venue is not in the same city. Either florists’ arrangements are too much expensive for you, or you have no time to deliver them during the frantic run-up to the big day, give a thank you gift. Fresh flowers will not stay fresh until the moms get back home after the wedding ceremony. So giving a thank you gift can be a wise decision that will bring so much joy and of course, survive the chaos after and before the wedding day. Scented candles are the best thank you gift you can give. You can make a gift box that includes a variety of candles from our collection. You can even match the scents of the candles to the fragrances the mothers of newly wedded-couple experience at the wedding. Every time she will light the candles, she will be recalled the special day of her daughter or son. You can even give a personalized gift like you can décor the scented candle Jessica Jane jar and write the name of the bride or groom’s mom.



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