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12 best decoration ideas with candles

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Decoration candle


12 best decoration ideas with candles

For centuries, candles have been used in home décor. They were earlier utilized for only illuminating the spaces as there was no power then. But after the invention of the electric bulb and electricity was accessed by all people, we sidelined them. Candles were then used with sconces for wall display and candle holders. They were the must-have item for the dinner table. That’s how it started being used as a décor accessory and creating a good ambiance or a certain mood in any room of the house. Are you mesmerized by the candles but don’t know how to décor your home with candles, then you have come to the right page. In this article, we will discuss how to incorporate candles into your home décor. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Hang your candles with your kitchen accessories

The candle can also be placed in Christmas balls, mugs, or other original and transparent objects. In this case, it will be necessary to favor the candle holders. In the shape of water lilies, made of aluminum or glass, the latter is easily integrated into any decoration. However, make sure that children do not knock them over while playing.

Romance by candlelight

There is so secret that no romantic date is complete without the candlelight dinner. You can put them in a transparent container in which they will float a scented rose. For romantic dinners in the summer, candles can be placed along the path leading to the table in an open space. It's up to you to know how to use the frame you have chosen on the ground or at height.

Candles to scent and decorate your bathroom

With or without a bathtub, your bathroom can also be decorated with candles. Thus, for feng shui style bathrooms, the candles will be placed on the edge of the bathtub, on the floor, or on different supports. At the edge of the fireplace or on a wall, the candles must then be scented with jasmine or other scents of your choice.


Mixtures of flowers and candles as a centrepiece

Are you going to host the pajama party? Quick, take out all the warm-colored candles from your cupboards! While avoiding placing them near flammable objects, place them in strategic places in the dormitory such as on the wall. While dancing, the flame can create a mysterious, warm, moving, and lively atmosphere.

After a long day, you can sit back on your sofa and turn off all the lights with the exception of the flames from the candles placed along the wall of your living room using candle holders. You will see how relaxing it is.

Enhance the beauty of furniture with candles

Does your coffee table or shelf seem empty? You just need to put a wax candle on it as a decoration. The color of the candle must then combine perfectly with the design of the interior of the house. So that your candle does not go unnoticed, you can bet on models of visible size or put several candles in the same place.

Failing to put the decorations on the furniture, you can put them at the foot of the furniture. To avoid stumbling over it, consider putting a candle holder clearly visible. In this case, prefer that you can place in large transparent frames. These decorative objects can also be put in storage specially constructed.

Decorate the living room with candles

The living room is the perfect place to put your most original candles in plain view. Whatever their shape, colour, or style of their candlesticks, you can place them on your furniture in the living room. Thus, we could put on the dining room table composition of flowers or fruits with a designer candle in the center.

Use floating candles for your candlelight dinner.

Candles also go hand in hand with romantic evenings spent at home. They are then used as a replacement for dim lights to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. We will then integrate them into the decoration made of red, white, or pink rose petals in the bathroom.

Love Candle

Create a romantic mood with the help of petals and candles

It is not as uncommon to see the candles in the marriage proposal parties. Always in a romantic atmosphere, the decorations consisting of candles and flower petals are aligned from the living room to the bedroom. Some will use the candles to form the letters of their request, with the ring case in the middle.

Candles to decorate your fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your living room, don't miss any opportunity to decorate it with your candles. These can then be poured into branches of tree trunks and be placed on the upper edge as lower.

Scented candles for kitchen

Yes, you heard it right! You can décor your kitchen with scented candles! You don't really like the cooking smells that permeate your kitchen? You can neutralize its last by lighting candles in the room. Then choose a strong and pleasant smell like lemon.


Decorate the exterior of your home with candles

With the candles, you have the possibility to decorate the exterior of your house. So, if you have a large garden, you can install an arbor around which the candles will be placed in pretty candlesticks. For this purpose, use pretty lanterns to place your candles.

In the absence of the garden, your terrace will do very well! Ideal for family dinners or to enjoy grilled meats in summer, this space requires a special layout. You can bring candles contained in original vases or jars.

Decorate your room with a candle and floral bouquet

Finally: another way to decorate a room with candles is to add a floral bouquet. Whether it's the edge of the window, the center of the dining table, or the coffee table in the living room, this idea always brings a cachet to the room. This is the most used method in wedding decorations.


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